Providing debt counselling and debt relief in Johannesburg

Providing debt relief processes and solutions in Johannesburg for private individuals.
For corporates, we work with employers to assist their staff with debt counselling too.

Who needs debt counselling?

People get into debt for a number of different reasons. These could include just spending more than they earn - wasting money and
on the things that one wants and wants to do rather than NEEDS. Increase in debt could be fuelled by "Peer Pressure" especially as far as material possessions go!
One must live within ones means and not be dragged into spending moneys you cannot afford to keep up with others.
Generally people do not seriously consider what they can afford but start to think in terms of what they can afford to borrow on the basis of what monthly repayment they think they can afford!
These costs tend to spiral and eventually can get out of control.

Where are you based and can you help me with debt relief?

Killaghy debt counselling is based in Sandton / Bryanston and does debt relief in Johannesburg and also for clients around South Africa, assisting anyone with access to the internet or electronic media.

How do the processes debt counselling and debt relief work?

The debt relief solution includes structuring a program whereby a monthly living budget and plan is created for the client which is affordable to you, and acceptable to the creditor. Have a debt relief plan in place gives you financial control again, and helps you to remove your debt

Are you finding yourself drowining in bills and financially stressed, with seemingly nowhere to turn?

Do you have creditors constantly phoning for payment? Have you had court documents served against you for non-payment of debt?

Our approach to providing a structured debt relief plan and facilitating with creditors allows you financial control once again.


Debt counselling benefits to our clients


  • Relief from the stress of feeling overwhelmed
  • A caring and empathetic approach
  • Firm plans and processes in controlling debt
  • Sustainable debt relief approach beyond the initial consultation
  • We negotiate with your creditors on your behalf
  • Total discretion guaranteed
  • Planning for budgeting into the future
  • Solid financial solutions based on over 10 years experience

  • Debt counselling available to whole of South Africa 

Debt is a nightmare - don't go it alone!

Avoid the uncertainty, fear and panic associated with being over-indebted!

There is a better way when you are being guided by caring professionals.



Killaghy Business Solutions are Registered Debt Counsellors


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